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Nominate a deserving colleague for MASP School Psychologist of the Year today! Candidates must be practicing school psychologists who spend the majority of their time providing direct services to students, teachers, and parents. To nominate, complete the online or paper form below and obtain at least 3 one-page letters of support, which may include one letter from the nominee. Letters can be uploaded to the online nomination form or sent via mail to the Membership Involvement Chair.


Dr. Jacque Sherman – 2023-2024

The recipient for the MASP 2023 School Psychologist of the Year Award, Dr. Jacque Sherman, has been working for the Central Montana Learning Resource Center Cooperative. MASP presented the award virtually at the Fall Conference held in Helena, MT in September 2023. Dr. Sherman was nominated by the Special Education Director, Chelsey Rogers. Dr. Sherman is described by her nominator and co-workers as passionate, dedicated, knowledgeable, and an inspiration to all.

Nicole Bottsford-Miller – 2020-2021

The recipient for the MASP 2020 School Psychologist of the Year Award, Nicole Bottsford-Miller has been working for the Billings Public School District, where she has continued to build strong leadership and a positive climate among the staff she works with. Her various nominators endorsed Nicole’s trustworthiness, respectfulness, collaboration with all stakeholders, and vast knowledge of school psychology practices. She has demonstrated leadership in the Billings Public Schools (BPS) School Psychology department, contributions to the BPS Special Education department, exemplar services to schools she serves, MASP involvement, and strong support she provides to students. Nicole is the BPS school psychology department chairs, supervises school psychology interns, and currently serves 2 elementary schools (i.e., Alkali Creek Elementary School and Bench Elementary School). She is well known and respected for her kindness, professionalism, and knowledge across BPS. Other nominators noted that Nicole leads decision-making by helping others arise to conclusions that put students first and that the BPS department functions more cohesively and has a stronger department climate because of her guidance. Her colleagues regard Nicole as well versed, confident, professional, calming, and comforting. MASP extends congratulations to Nicole Bottsford-Miller on being named the 2020 School Psychologist of the year.

Juliana Robinson - 2019-2020

Juliana Robinson – 2019-2020

The recipient for the MASP 2019 School Psychologist of the Year Award, Juliana Robinson has been serving Montana schools through the Park County Special Education Cooperative for 12 years and one who is passionate about the field of school psychology. Beginning this school year, she has transitioned to working for the Belgrade Public School District. Those nominating Juliana all agreed that she is one who understands how to develop strong relationships with students, teachers, parents, administrators and support staff in a professional manner. She is one who works tirelessly and has accomplished developing an ADOS team for her schools and specialized programs in pre-school and alternate education settings in addition to completing the regular duties of a school psychologist. Also, Juliana has provided many training opportunities for staff and supervision of interns. Juliana has been active with MASP since graduate school doing an incredible amount of work for MT psychs, serving on MASP committees, holding the office of President and currently chairing the Membership Involvement committee. MASP extends congratulations on being named the 2019 School Psychologist of the year.

Monica Martin – 2018-2019

Monica Martin was the 2018 School Psychologist of the year. She is a school psychologist with the Missoula Area Education Cooperative and has been serving in Montana’s school system for 12 years. Letters of recommendation were written by the Seeley Lake Superintendent,  a teacher, the Special Education Director, and a secretary.

The superintendent wrote: “I have been a superintendent for 12 years and president of a SPED cooperative for 10 years and I have never seen someone as deserving of this award as Monica.”

The secretary stated:” she has taken time to help me with infinite Campus and she has donated snacks to my office snack box for students that may need them”

Monica Martin - 2018-2019

Jessica Carranza 2017-2018

Jessica Carranza – 2017-2018

This year’s recipient of the Montana Association of School Psychologists (MASP) School Psychologist of the Year was Jessica Carranza.  As always it is clear Montana has some amazing School Psychologists. The nomination packet for Jessica showed she is one of those amazing school psychologists. She is a full-time school psychologist employed by Great Falls Public Schools. Jessica is involved in her schools in every part of the way; working with teachers, assessing students, running groups, working with outside agencies, RTI/MTSS, and brainstorming with her school teams. She builds relationships with those that she works with, adults and students. She has a can-do attitude. She is supportive of those around her. Jessica has outstanding qualities which is why she was chosen to be the 2017 MASP School Psychologist of the Year.

Marit Waldum – 2016-2017

Marit Waldum of Missoula County Public School District was named 2017’s School Psychologist of the Year at the MASP 2016 Fall Conference in Helena, MT.  Marit has supervised numerous School Psychology students.  In providing guidance and structured learning, Marit allows her students to teach and collaborate with her.  She is an expert in preschool and autism evaluations.  She is a multifaceted school psychologist who serves students from preschool through elementary ages.  Marit is always friendly, optimistic, and open.  Her peaceful, level-headed, kind, warm, and engaging spirit allows her to continually contribute to conversations in a productive, meaningful manner.  Marit is well respected by her peers and continues to make a positive, lifetime impact on many, many people.

Marit Waldum 2016-2017

Susan Renning & Shawna Rader Kelly (2nd Generation School Psychologist and MASP's 2015 School Psychologist of the Year)

Shawna Rader Kelly – 2015-2016

Shawna Rader Kelly of Bozeman School District was named 2015’s School Psychologist of the Year at the MASP 2015 Fall Conference in Bozeman, MT.  Shawna has been an active force not only in her district, but at the state and national levels as well.  Shawna is a PREPaRE Trainer and the leader of MASP’s Crisis Response Committee.  She actively works with Montana’s Office of Public Instruction to advocate for school psychology and serves as the chair of the MASP Credentialing Review Board.  Shawna is also an incredibly active member in NASP serving as Montana’s NASP delegate as well as a regional leader.  Shawna’s expansive breadth of expertise, her impressive skill set, and her tireless dedication make her a standout school psychologist.

Julie Parker – 2014-2015

Julie Parker of Big Sky High School in Missoula was named 2014’s School Psychologist of the Year at the MASP 2014 Fall Conference in Helena, MT.  Among many professional roles and duties, Parker received this award due to over 15 years of outstanding service.  Over those years, she has served on the MASP executive council, supervised University of Montana School Psychology graduate students, and participated in union work for her rural cooperative.  She was further honored for her years of service on the Flathead Indian Reservation and in other rural Montana schools.  Julie is a wonderful asset to our state and profession!

President Elect Melissa Hanson presenting Julie Parker with the 2014 School Psychologist of the Year Award at the 2014 Fall Conference

Ron Weaver — 2013-2014

Jackie Johnson-Wirth — 2012-2013

Robin Bissell — 2011-2012

Marshall Prindle — 2010-2011

Ann Verploegen — 2009-2010

Thom Felton — 2008-2009

Joanne Bartsch — 2007-2008

Ginny Jamruska-Milner — 2006-2007

J. Ray Haffey — 2005-2006

Victoria Withrow — 2004-2005

Greg Thurlow — 2003-2004

Doug Fry — 2002-2003

Carla Heintz — 2001-2002

Dwight Von Schriltz — 2000-2001

Richard Wright — 1999-2000

Pat Grassl — 1998-1999

Mark Taylor — 1997-1998

Nancy Padon — 1996-1997

Kathleen Nerison — 1995-1996

Alan Hilden — 1994-1995

Doug Cochran-Roberts — 1993-1994

Charlie Brown — 1992-1993

Evie Lamont — 1991-1992

Bob Runkel — 1990-1991

Lois Nicol — 1989-1990

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