Natural Disaster Resources

Brief Facts & Tips about Natural Disasters from the National Association of School Psychologists

Prevention Strategies

Family Emergency Planning – Learn to create an emergency checklist, emergency kit, and contingency plans in the event that a disaster occurs

Ready.Gov Resource Library – Access tools, plan templates, instructions, and videos to help your family prepare in the wake of a disaster

Carbon County Flood Preparation & Emergency Plan Guide – This flooding specific resource guide outlines all the necessary steps in preparing and assisting families in accessing help during extreme flooding

Intervention Strategies

Montana Disaster Emergency Services – Emergency Contact lists and resources for response in disaster affected areas

Carbon County Disaster Relief Fund – Find organizations to financially support as they assist families in crisis around the affected flooding areas

Carbon County Alert System – Keep current on areas affected by flooding, active evacuations, and register with the Emergency Notification system

Park County Emergency Orders – Stay updated with current flooding conditions, road access, and evacuations in Park County

Sandbag/Resource Contact List – Businesses providing sandbags, pumps, and accessories in Park County for affected families

Sweetgrass County Emergency Alert System – Stay up-to-date on changing flooding conditions in Sweetgrass County

Search and Rescue Reimbursement – Reimbursement information for search and rescue equipment, training, and missions

Post Disaster Strategies

After a Flood Precautions – List of hazardous materials and situations to look out for upon re-entry or inspection of affected homes and communities

NASP Quick Post-Crisis Resource Guide – Strategies to support children, caregivers, schools, and state agencies after a natural disaster

Relocating to a New School – Strategies to help support students and their families in relocating to new schools

Relocating Students with Disabilities – Strategies for receiving schools in assisting with the transition of students with disabilities coming from disaster-affected areas

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