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Consider participating in the following research studies to aid and assist in the growing literature of education and other related fields.

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Indiana University

Posted: 6/11/2024
School Psychologists’ Perceptions of Special Education EligibilitySchool psychologists can play an important role in determining which students are identified as being eligible for special education. This study aims to better understand the ways in which school psychologists conceptualize potential student evaluations.Target Group:
Practicing School Psychologists

15-25 minute online survey where participants will have the option to be entered into a prize drawing to win one of six $50 Amazon gift cards


Contact: Elizabeth Melfi,
University of Florida

Posted: 5/30/2024
Examining School Psychologists’ Involvement in Transition Planning for Students with High Incidence DisabilitiesThis study will evaluate school psychologists’ involvement in IEP transition planning for middle and high school students with specific learning disabilities and/or students with emotional behavioral disabilities.Target Group:
Practicing School Psychologists

10 minute online survey


Contact: Bradley Minotti,
University Of Utah

Posted: 5/19/2024
Visual Analysis and Decision Making by School PsychologistsThe objective of this study is to evaluate factors that influence visual analytic decisions made by raters of single case data sets. Visual analysis is the dominant method of analysis as it allows data to be presented with minimal transformation, as well as to be interpreted with relative ease. While visual analysis allows data to be easily interpreted, the interpretation may not necessarily reflect the actual outcome of an intervention. Target Group:
Practicing School Psychologists

Individuals that complete the entire questionnaire will have the opportunity to be entered in to a drawing to receive one of 10 $20 Amazon gift cards.


Contact: Sydney Kowalski,
Texas A&M University

Posted: 5/19/2024
Are school psychologists addressing the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse children with low-incidence disabilities? Graduate training and practice implications.The aim of this dissertation study is to gather information on interns/practitioners perceptions of addressing needs for low incidence disabilities and improve school psychology graduate training for working with children with low-incidence disabilities nationwide. Low-incidence disabilities account for 3% of students served under IDEA (2004). Target Group:
Interns and/or Practicing School Psychologists; School Psychology Trainers/Directors

10-15 minute online survey

The first 100 participants will be eligible to win one of five $50 Visa gift cards.

Survey for Trainers/Directors:

Survey for Interns/Practitioners:

Contact: Sunny Olsen,
University of Florida

Posted: 5/1/2024
Examining School Psychologists’ Identification of Students with Specific Learning Disabilities and Behavioral ConcernsThe aim of this study is to examine school psychologists’ SLD identification decision-making and how they weigh behavior/EBD as an exclusionary factor in SLD identification.Target Group: Practicing School Psychologists

5-10 minute online survey

Every 10th participant will receive a $10 gift card

Click the survey link for study details and to participate:

Contact: Taylor Griffin,

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