Class 6 Licensure

Class 6 Standard License with School Psychology Endorsement

The Montana Class 6 Licensure – Endorsement in School Psychology is a 5-year renewable standard license. The requirements for renewal involve completing 60 OPI renewal units or any combination of OPI renewal units and/or semester/quarter college credits. Each Semester credit is worth 15 OPI renewal units and a quarter credit is worth 10 renewal units. You can apply online or through the paper application from the Montana Office of Public Instruction site.

There are three pathways to meeting Montana’s requirements for Class 6 School Psychologist licensure. One of the following must be met:

  1. Current credentials as a nationally certified school psychologist (NCSP) from the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP).
  2. Completion of a specialist-level degree from a NASP accredited school psychologist program which includes a 1200-hour internship, of which 600 hours were in a school setting.
  3. For those applicants who did not earn at least a specialist-level school psychology degree from a NASP accredited program, completion of a master’s degree or higher in school psychology or a related field from a regionally accredited college or university; and a recommendation from a NASP accredited specialist program attesting to the applicant’s qualifications being equivalent to NASP training standards, which included a 1200-hour internship experience of which 600 hours were in a school setting.

Additionally, the following must be met prior to licensure:

  • Completion and verification of the free, online course “An Introduction to Indian Education for All in Montana”

If you meet all the above requirements, but you have:

  • an unrestricted expired out-of-state school psychologist license and/or
  • you have not earned 6 graduate-level semester credits of college coursework from a regionally accredited college or university, within the past 5 years

When you apply for your Montana License, your Class 6 application will be automatically converted to a Class 5 provisional license. The provisional license allows you to be employed in Montana as a school psychologist while completing the outstanding requirements. This license is valid for a period of up to three years from the date of validation and non-renewable.

If you have a master’s degree or greater in school psychology or related field from a regionally accredited college or university but have not completed a School Psychologist program but are within four courses of completion of the school psychologist program, please contact MASP Applicant Liaison, Shawna Rader Kelly at, for more information about the Re-Specialization process.

For information regarding the requirements and application process for a Class 6 School Psychologist Standard License, please visit:  Montana OPI Educator Licenses

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