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“School Psychology Awareness Week (SPAW) is November 11-15, 2019.  This year’s theme is “Find Your Focus,” which can have a variety of meanings such as paying attention, being able to see an idea more clearly, identifying an area of interest, or being persistent and determined in one’s effort. Focusing can help us set goals, identify action steps, communicate needs, and engage in discussions that help create the connections necessary for students to develop critical academic and social emotional skills.”

NASP has some amazing resources HERE but one thing we should definitely focus on is advocating for our profession! On November 13th specifically, is a day set to contact our local, state, and nationwide representatives to share the importance of our profession and the roles we have as school psychologists.
From NASP: To help advance our shared advocacy goals related to school psychologists’ roles, school safety, and school mental health, NASP is coordinating its second annual state and federal Advocacy Action Day during School Psychology Awareness Week. And we need your help!

The increased attention to school psychology during SPAW makes it an ideal time for you to get involved in advocacy – and it won’t even require a physical trip to your state capitol!  

Advocacy Action Day presents an opportunity for you to have proactive conversations with key members of your state legislature before many states enter their legislative sessions in the spring of next year. On Advocacy Action Day, we will ask you to:  

1.    Send a letter to or call the office of your elected state representative 

A pre-written letter for Montana representatives can be found here

2.    Post a message to social media, reinforcing the message

3.    Send a letter to the office of your elected federal representative  

All of this will not take you any more than 5 minutes.  

NASP’s Advocacy Action Day will take place on Wednesday, November 13, 2019.

Resources for State Associations

Below are a set of useful resources that we’ve developed to assist leaders of state associations in their efforts – and, we’ve made these resources adaptable for you to use at any point throughout the year; not just during SPAW! We additionally encourage you to utilize NASP’s recently released Policy Playbook for your message development efforts.

Advocacy Action Day Information for States (from SPAW Resource Guide)

Sample letter to state legislators

Sample social media

Sample press release

Sample email to members

Sample letter to congressional delegation

Have an amazing SPAW Week!

Congratulations to the MASP School Psychologist of the Year 2019-2020:

Juliana Robinson!

This year’s award recipient for the MASP 2019 School Psychologist of the Year Award, Juliana Robinson has been serving Montana schools through the Park County Special Education Cooperative for 12 years and one who is passionate about the field of school psychology. Beginning this school year, she has transitioned to working for the Belgrade Public School District. Those nominating Juliana all agreed that she is one who understands how to develop strong relationships with students, teachers, parents, administrators and support staff in a professional manner. She is one who works tirelessly and has accomplished developing an ADOS team for her schools and specialized programs in pre-school and alternate education settings in addition to completing the regular duties of a school psychologist. They shared that Juliana has continued to aggressively pursue opportunities to further her own education, level of knowledge and skills since starting her career. Also, Juliana has provided many training opportunities for staff and supervision of interns.

Juliana has been active with MASP since graduate school doing an incredible amount of work for MT psychs, serving on MASP committees, holding the office of President and currently chairing the Membership Involvement committee.

One nominator noted that Juliana exemplifies the qualities that make for an outstanding school psychologist. A fellow colleague shared that Juliana’s heart is in this work and recognized that Juliana believes in the importance of what we do and supporting all kids. Another noted that Juliana’s skills for explaining the eligibility process has helped families and staff to better navigate through special education evaluations and that her calm demeanor allows anyone to approach her and ask her questions as needed. Her characteristics of being an exemplary person, role model, supporter, and professional were shared throughout her letters of nomination.

Juliana is married with two children.  MASP extends congratulations on being named the 2019 School Psychologist of the year.

MASP Lifetime Achievement Award

MASP honored Joelene Goodover, a woman whose name is synonymous with service with our 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award. Joelene had a full, nearly 40 year educational career where she shared her love for the school psychology profession working in Simms, Great Falls, and with the North Central Learning Cooperative. She also had a degree in counseling and would seamlessly incorporate those skills into her daily interactions, touching many lives for the better. She was an integral member of the Crisis Response team with the Great Falls school district and as the department leader for the school psychology department.

Her service with MASP started in the late 1980’s with her planning Fall Conferences, serving as Region II regional director, later serving as President and NASP delegate and being an integral member of the Credentialing Professional Standards Committee. This MASP position gave her first contact with interested school psychologists wanting to come to the state as well as our graduate students entering the profession. Joelene’s welcoming and inviting style was perfect for introducing the newly hired psychs to our state and to our Association. And many of us serving in leadership roles became involved due to Joelene’s genuine way of inviting and including others to join MASP and to become involved. She was quick to point out a person’s strengths and was available to help when needed.

While serving as NASP Delegate, Joelene found a passion working with the Children’s Fund and the groups’ annual auction event. She was very proud of the work of the Children’s Fund including the playgrounds built for under privileged schools, providing books to schools and going to schools to read books or hold assemblies in the cities where NASP conventions were held. Her work with this group spanned a decade and that group has named their disaster relief fund in her name.

Joelene loved the color purple, planning get togethers, baking, going to Broadway shows, and traveling. She also enjoyed sharing her passions with others.

As the MASP organization we are deeply thankful for the impact Joelene had for our group and the state. She is very deserving of this award. Although she lost her battle to cancer in February 2019, being able to honor her at Fall Conference, an event dear to her heart, brings her legacy full circle.

Thank you to Joelene’s son Andy who came to accept this award for the Goodover family.

Looking for a new adventure for the 2019-2020 or 2020-2021 school year?

Be sure to check out the Job Openings for School Psychologist positions across the state of Montana!

Former MASP Secretary, Kristine Schoen, recently had the opportunity to discuss School Psychology in Montana on the School Psyched Podcast.
Check out the video below!

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