2020 Professional Standards

2020 Professional Standards for School Psychologists

MASP has adopted the most recent version of NASP’s Practice Model that was updated effective July, 1st 2020. The update builds upon the success of the 2010 model in advancing the consistent implementation of school psychological services to help ensure their maximum effectiveness, efficiency, and quality in schools nationwide.

According to NASP, the 2020 model will continue to support efforts to:

  • Improve ratios with the adjusted recommended ratio of 1:500
  • Enhance recognition of and access to school psychologists’ comprehensive skills and expertise across the 10 Domains of Practice
  • Implement the 6 Organizational Principles necessary to ensure the systemic capacity for school psychologists to provide their comprehensive role


For further information about the NASP 2020 Professional Standards, please visit: About the NASP Practice Model 

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