Our Leadership

Elected Officers

President – Braydon Schilling
President-Elect – Allison Brown
Past-President – Jessica Carranza
Secretary – Kirsten Gyapay
Treasurer – Kimberly Stoddard
Treasurer-Elect – Katelyn Canepa

MASP Committee Chairs

Information Services – Nikki Smith
Professional Development – Vacancy
Summer Institute – Nicole Bottsford-Miller & Isha Contway
Fall Conference – Jessica Carranza
Crisis Response – Shawna Rader Kelly & Andy Mogan
Membership Involvement – Juliana Robinson
Ethics Committee – Brittany Lewno
Advocacy Think Tank & Government Public Relations – Jackie Johnson-Wirth
Advocacy/Public Policy – Vacancy
Professional Support – Anisa Goforth


NASP Delegate – Andy Mogan
CSPD Council – Vacancy
Mental Health – Jackie Johnson-Wirth
MCASE – Juliana Robinson
U of M School Psychology Training Program – Greg Machek

MASP Credentialing & Professional Standards Committee

Chair – Shawna Rader Kelly
University of Montana Representative – Greg Machek
NASP Delegate – Andy Mogan

Note: The task of the Credentialing & Professional Standards Committee is to support verification of qualifications and experience of psychologists applying for Licensure in the State of Montana. We are implementing a procedure which includes peer review and the requirement of a professionally supervised experience plan at the Class 5 level. Successful applicants will then be eligible to apply formally to the Office of Public Instruction for either a Class 5 or Class 6 License.

A training course for School Psychologist Supervisors involved in local supervision of Class 5 applicants was developed in the Fall of 2009.

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