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Montana State Legislature

Many people wonder how they might get engaged in contacting legislators… and what is the best way to do that.

Legislative services — the legislature’s administrative cadre — provides two excellent avenues to contact legislators: email and the legislative switchboard.

To email a legislator, go here — . This online message form permits anyone to email any legislator or an entire legislative committee and the legislator or committee members receive a hard copy of the message.

Some folks want to contact all 150 legislators in one fell swoop. While this is possible, experience shows that it is better to concentrate on one or two legislators and invite your colleagues, friends, and neighbors to concentrate on one or two other legislators.  Then make your message short, personal and friendly.

A long-time ago proven way to contact legislators is to call the legislative switchboard and leave a message that will be delivered to the legislator. You can leave messages for up to five legislators and one committee at a time right here — (406) 444–4800

NASP’s Advocacy Action Center

Direct link to the NASP Advocacy Action Center

At the NASP Advocacy Action Center the following resources can also be accessed.

  • Support Safe School Environments for all Students
  • Promote Evidence Based Assessment and Accountability Systems
  • Promote Balanced Approaches to School Safety
  • Support Availability of Comprehensive School Psychological Services in ESEA
  • Preserve Education Funding
  • Find your elected officials
  • Subscribe to the NASP Mailing List
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