Who We Are

Elected Officers

MASP Leadership
President Rhonda Remsen
President-Elect Vacant
Past-President Jordan Scotti
Secretary Kristine Faherty
Treasurer Andy Mogan
Treasurer-Elect Vacant

Committee Chairs

MASP Committee Chairs
Information Services
MASP Website Andy Mogan & Gordon Gilchrist
Professional Development
Summer Institute  Nicole Bottsford-Miller & Isha Contway
Fall Conference  Rhonda Remsen
Crisis Response  Shawna Rader Kelly & Andy Mogan
Membership Involvement  Juliana Robinson
Ethics Committee  Susan Renning
Advocacy Think Tank and Government Public Relations  Jackie Johnson-Wirth & Belinda Turley
Advocacy/Public Policy  Joelene Goodover
Professional Support  Anisa Goforth
NASP Delegate Julie Parker
CSPD Council Connie Skiftun
Mental Health Jackie Johnson-Wirth
MCASE Sylvia Mangun
U of M School Psychology Training Program  Greg Machek

MASP Credentialing Review Board

Position Person
Chair Shawna Rader Kelly
University of Montana Representative Greg Machek
Applicant Liaison Joelene Goodover
MASP President Ex Officio Melissa Hanson

The task of the Credentialing Review Board is to support verification of qualifications and experience of psychologists applying for Licensure in the State of Montana. We are implementing a procedure which includes peer review and the requirement of a professionally supervised experience plan at the Class 5 level. Successful applicants will then be eligible to apply formally to the Office of Public Instruction for either a Class 5 or Class 6 License.

A training course for School Psychologist Supervisors involved in local supervision of Class 5 applicants was developed in the Fall of 2009.