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  • To develop school psychology as a science and profession.
  • To advance the education and training of school psychologists.
  • To promote ethical principles and practices in the field of school psychology.
  • To enhance and protect the rights and welfare of children and youth.

The purposes of the Association will be met through research and educational activities.

Membership Information

Regular Membership

Regular members are those licensed as school psychologists in the state of Montana

Retired Membership

Retired members are those persons retired from the field of school psychology who are no longer actively employed in schools or in another capacity that would qualify them for membership in another category

 Associate Membership

Associate membership will be offered to anyone interested in the purposes of this organization. This would include individuals practicing in related fields.

Student Membership

MASP believes in the importance of nurturing those who are new to the field of school psychology. To encourage and support those who are new to the field, MASP offers a free Student Membership to all who are actively enrolled in an accredited School Psychology graduate program.

If you are interested in becoming a MASP member please fill out our Membership Application or you can register online.  

If you are currently a member, log-in or request a password here and update your membership information.

School Psychologist of the Year

Do you know a worthy candidate for MASP School Psychologist of the Year? Find out more about this award program sponsored by MASP. To nominate someone for this award please fill out this form.