Class 5

To begin the licensure process, the applicant:
  1. Completes and submits to OPI Part A (General Information) and Part B (Character and Fitness Questionnaire) of the OPI Application
    • This includes a fingerprint background check (explained in the OPI application form) as well as required fees to OPI and Montana Department of Justice.
  2. When applicant receives notice from OPI that Parts A and B are complete, applicant will then complete Part C of the OPI application form.   Applicant  will then submit the following to the Montana Association of School Psychologists Review Board:
  • Part A (Demographic portion of OPI Application)
  • Part C of OPI Application (Page 4)
  • Verification of completion of OPI application, Parts A and B
  • Official Transcripts (must be official and sealed)
  • Applicant is responsible for identifying a class 6 School Psychologist who will act as their primary site supervisor. The candidate and supervisor should download and complete the Class 5 Supervision Agreement and the Class 5 Supervision Plan.  The attached Sample Class 5 Supervision Plan can be used as a helpful reference.  The final plan is submitted by the Class 5 candidate as part of their Class 5 application.  At the end of the internship the supervisor will complete the MASP Class 5 Evaluation Form.
After all required documents are received, the MASP Credentialing Review Board reviews the candidate’s application.  Applicant will be notified of status of application.  If application is approved it will be signed by the Director of the School Psychology Graduate Training Program at the University of Montana, then by The University of Montana Education Licensure Office and sent on to the Office of Public Instruction.  Upon verification OPI will issue the license.